19 Best Chrome Extension Games 2024 Free Unblocked

The Chrome Web Store isn’t just for useful stuff; it’s got games too! This article talks about the best Chrome Extension Games on Google Chrome store, more than just the familiar dinosaur game. From strategy to casual play, puzzle or racing. If you are getting bored or just want to relax your mind, there are games for you.

Apart from the huge pile of audio, tech and development Chrome extensions, where techie words like programming and Codes come in, there are Cool Game Extensions. This article lists all the best games we found, so you can play with friends, ensuring a seamless experience with friends without downloading huge files or worrying about eating up your computer’s memory at school and anywhere. It’s gaming made easy, right from your browser, perfect for sharing a quick gaming session with friends and buddy.

When picking a game extension, just check if it has what you want, is easy to use, and maybe costs something. These games are not just for computers; you can even play them on your phone too if android version is available.

How To Install Any Chrome Web Store games ?

  1. Click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension located at top right corner.
  2. Pin the ‘Game’ extension icon to the Chrome toolbar.
  3. Click the ‘Game’ icon on the Chrome toolbar, the ‘Game’ popup window will open or open in the new window.

Rolling Ball Unblocked

Rolling Ball 3D offers an exciting arcade challenge where players navigate balls, collect gems and overcome obstacles on a progressively more difficult platform. As you progress through the levels the game increases in intensity, requiring quick reflexes to deal with ramps, tight spots, spikes, bombs and other hazards.

The game boasts immersive 3D graphics and physics-based game-play, offering a realistic setting with simple controls and a rewarding learning curve beyond diamonds Players search for hidden gems and increase the difficulty of the search. With active  elements such as rotating platforms and changing landscapes, each level presents new obstacles and encourages endurance and skill development. Overall, Rolling Ball 3D stands out as a fun mobile game, ideal for those who crave thrilling game-play, stunning graphics and user-friendly interfaces.

To dive into this action-packed adventure, simply download it now and steer with the left-right and arrow keys.

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Subway Surfer Original

Play Subway Surfers Original directly on your Chrome Browser now! Enjoy the Offline and Popup Version without the need for an internet connection!

If you’re a fan of endless runner games, Subway Surfers is a must-try. It’s an exhilarating non-stop running game set on perilous roads, similar to other endless runner games.

Subway Surfer Online, also known as the “non-stop running” game, is a favorite among Fun Game enthusiasts. In this game, players assume the role of mischievous teenagers being pursued for trains graffiti. Your mission? Run along the tracks, evading the inspector and his dog. Skillfully navigate obstacles, collect scattered coins, and keep running. The game only concludes when you stumble, get caught, or collide with obstacles.

Instructions: Simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the game.

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Car Climb Racing Game

This is an exciting car driving adventure Car Climb Racing Game! Choose your car and navigate through ten mountain cars and three racing tracks. You have to reach the finish line before running out of gas while driving the hills. Each level becomes difficult and difficult with new levels, that requires players to must upgrade their vehicles by collecting bounty on the way. Enhance these features to become a star in Car Climb Racing, completing levels faster.
Use the up-down and side keys to move your Car, and collect gold on the track to improve your car.

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PUB-G Craft Battleground

It is made for the fans of PUBG and Minecraft. ‘PUB-G Craft Battlegrounds’ is the combination  of battle royal excitement and creative crafting of Minecraft. Last to survival is a winner as players parachute into a vast open environment full of enemies. Scavenging for resources amid lethal traps and opponents, players craft weapons, armor, and tools from abandoned structures and lush forests. The game’s players’ creativity indicates, how traps and weaponry is used. While facing challenges and dangers throughout, players must be in stealth and deceptive to survive. This innovative game promises engagement with its expansive world, large crafting possibilities, and exciting gameplay.

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Sniper Gun Shooting

Get ready for a stealthy warfare adventure in the desert where, armed with your sniper rifle, you must eliminate all enemies without detection. Facing off against foes from a rooftop vantage point, skillful snipers strategically take down distant enemies before descending to tackle those hidden from binocular view. Once on the ground, your mission intensifies as you must eliminate all enemies without alerting them to your presence. Given the limited bullet supply, precision is paramount; a single, well-timed shot is your best bet. Unlike typical sniper games, here you maneuver your first-person shooter character and execute precise long-range shots. If you’re a fan of war games, this sniper elite experience will surely captivate.

How to play: Navigate your FPS character with arrow keys, overcoming obstacles like stairs. Utilize the right mouse button to deploy binoculars and snipe opponents. For precision, zoom in and out of the sniper’s binoculars using your mouse wheel.

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Google Extension Game- Box Rebound

Dive into the thrill of over 50 levels filled with box-jumping madness in Boxel Rebound! This is a quick playing arcade game which challenges you to overcome obstacles and achieve the lowest time scores. With 5 unique themes, un-lockable skins, and a Level Builder, you can also design and share your very own levels. Explore the Community level browser for even more excitement!📦

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4×4 Jeep Simulator Game

In this off-road car game, become a skilled 4×4 driver in a vast town with challenging tracks and mountains. Navigate unique obstacles using a 4×4 off-road car, ensuring an exciting off-road experience. Off-road car games, known for their simulation content, offer a different pleasure when set in off-road terrain. Progress through the land and immerse yourself in the game’s endless excitement. Face speed tasks, earn special rewards, and feel the exhilaration of off-roading.

The 4×4 car, with its technical features and customization opportunities, enhances the game-play as levels progress. Repair kits are available for occasional damage, ensuring a seamless off-road journey and realistic simulation. Customize the off-road jeep with color and suspension changes for a personalized touch, elevating the game’s excitement. Enjoy the realistic off-road car experience with different angle cameras, creating a fantastic journey in the town with customizable features. Encounter obstacles, collect coins, and complete missions to customize your dream off-road 4×4 car. Play using arrow keys and mouse controls for a fulfilling gaming experience.

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Chrome Extensions Games – Cut the Rope

Experience the celebrated “Cut the Rope” game, where your task is to catch stars and treat Om-Nom to delicious candy! Within a mysterious package, a sweet-toothed little monster awaits. Your objective: gather gold stars, find hidden prizes, and unlock exciting new levels in this irresistibly fun physics-based game. Enjoy innovative physics game-play, a lovable character, and outstanding graphics that have earned it prestigious awards like the Apple Design Award, BAFTA Award, Pocket Gamer Award, GDC Award, and the Best App Ever Award.

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First Person Shooter

Immerse yourself in a high-octane, ’90s-style first-person shooter boasting an abstract fusion of 2.5D and voxels aesthetic, meticulously crafted using JavaScript and WebGL. This has some nostalgic gaming experience that reminds to the golden era of FPS classics while using modern web gaming technology. Made using java language, it’s a vibrant acclamation to the essence of old-school shooters.

Featuring elements like non-regenerating health, intense ammo scavenging, uncovering secrets, a user-friendly auto-map, the thrill of non-linear levels, and the exhilarating art of strafe running, it encapsulates the essence of classic FPS game-play with a contemporary twist. This chrome web store games take you to the fast-paced action, that throwbacks’ aesthetics of ’90s gaming’,

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Train Game

This game is captivating world of Trains.io 3D, a thrilling slithering train game set in a minimal yet playable 3D environment. In this game, your objective is to emerge as the grand train by demolishing others and progressively extending your length. As you navigate the immersive 3D realm, seize the opportunity to collect screws and toolboxes strategically – each acquisition propels your growth, allowing you to become a formidable force in the competitive landscape. With every munch, witness your train expand and dominate the tracks, showcasing your prowess in this high-stakes, locomotive adventure.

Trains.io 3D stands out as an engaging offline game, compactly designed with just 1MB (and can be categorized as low Mb game), ensuring seamless entertainment on the go. Immerse yourself in this dynamic gaming experience, where the pursuit of becoming the longest and mightiest train drives your every move.

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Car Game

Cars Lightning Speed is a thrilling racing game inspired by the Movie ‘Cars’. Players choose their favorite characters like Lightning McQueen and Mater to compete in high-speed challenges. You can customize your cars with different paint colors and upgrades for better speed and handling. The game has Cars movie locations, filled with obstacles, jumps, and power-ups. Collecting power-ups strategically can give players an edge, with boosts and items to hinder opponents. It has different modes including single-player races, multiplayer, and time trials for number chart.

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 Slope Unblocked Game

Slope Unblocked Game is a cool 3D game you can play online or offline that so enjoy & fun HD graphics. Install this extension to play the game easily. It’s a kind of challenging game in which you have to control a roll  ball and game over when you fall off.

You can play even with a slow internet connection, like at school, and there’s no need to download anything extra. It starts up quickly on your computer. If you search for Slope Unblocked Game, the extension will show a launch button for instant play. This chrome extensions games is compatible with both Chrome Browser and Opera Browser. Slope Unblocked is a fun game for all ages, now with patched physics. Install the add-on, click the toolbar icon, and start playing!

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