Top 7 Best Game Booster for Android Mobile

To enjoy games up to their maximum extent, especially on older phones, one needs to get a game booster installed on their Android mobile phone. With the help of these apps one can play most of the games smoothly.

Gaming holds some interesting roles in everyone’s life; like games can be someone’s stress reliever, games can be the reason for digital friend reunions, games can teach someone about patience, and much more. Still, a few times, some Gamers complain that they can’t enjoy games to their maximum potential due to various reasons like incompatibility of their device, lower frame rate, lagging or any other reason that disturbs their overall game experience.

What are game boosters, and how do they work?

Game boosters are smartphone applications that make any heavier game run on a budget smartphone running on the Android operating system. Not only this, but game boosters speed up the mobile performance and make the game play smoother than before. Along with this, game boosters do other tasks, too, like managing notifications for focused game play, background application management for good optimization, battery management, and much more.

Talking about the functioning process of game boosters then, the application stops any unnecessarily running background apps that do not contribute to main functioning for current game and cleanup the temporary memory used by other apps on the back-end. Thus, game booster maximize the smartphone’s performance for a game.

Here is the list of 7 top-rated game boosters that are available for free on the Play Store:

Game booster 4x faster

The one of the popular booster app is ‘Game Booster 4X faster’, which is published by G19 Mobile. The users of this application are quite satisfied with its performance in reviews. As of now, the game booster is providing features to install and run heavy games, and increase the speed of heavy game. All the features offered by the free app are working and genuine.
The booster uses AI to boost the game’s speed and can adjust the game’s graphics up to 1080p, which makes it the most advance game booster

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Super Game booster

The next game booster is the super game booster that is developed by Sleeping Angel Studio. This booster is perfect for players who have a smartphone with a low-end processor or a mobile phone with low RAM. The booster provides High Resolution, High FPS, and HDR Game Graphics.

All the users of the super game booster always claim that the booster upgrades the graphics of a game to a greater extent.


Game booster fire GFX

Game booster fire GFX is developed by ‘Tolan studio’, and the development firm claims that the game booster is capable of launching games from one place, fixing lag due to network issues. And not only this, but the application also optimizes the speed of the game, which enhances the gameplay.

The game booster fire GFX can easily fix any lag within few seconds, and the booster is really powerful when it comes to performance-based lags.


Game booster power GFX lag fix

Moving further in our list, we have the next booster named Game Booster Power GFX lag fix. As known from the name, this game booster is perfectly designed for fixing lag issues occurring in any game. The booster can set any type of lag, like network-related lags, software-related lags, and much more.

The booster also has numerous codes that allow it to outshine the graphics of any game.

Memory clear | Game Booster

The next game booster that is on our list of top-rated game boosters on the Play Store is the Memory Clear game booster, published by Ateam Entertainment Inc. The application has an easy user interface and helps in speeding up heavy games. Not only games, but this booster can also be used to speed up other types of applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube as well.

Such as some social media apps like Instagram show some lags while playing videos, so this issue memory clear booster is the best solution.

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Game Booster: Lagfix Launcher

‘Game Booster: Lagfix Launcher’ one of the best game boosters available on Play Store. The application is powered by Toolbox innovation and has a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars. As all the reviews regarding privacy are positive, a gamer can freely download the game booster without any second thought. Every user of the application is satisfied with the performance and results. This booster is best for smoother gameplay.



Gamebox booster

Gamebox Booster is a well-known game booster. The booster is published by the GoSM Mobile team. The users of the booster say that the booster is very useful for a gamer who needs to speed up their games while having a fast connection with any VPN.

The booster automatically prefers the best virtual private network available at the time of connection so that users experience the best gameplay.